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1671 days ago

Eve, Shaggy rock Nairobi
By Stevens Muendo

“Grammy Award-winning American rapper Eve Jihan Jeffers brushed off criticism that her rapping career had been overshadowed by her acting passion before treating Nairobi to a thrilling performance which East Africa will not forget anytime soon.


At the Carnivore Grounds, Nairobi, the well endowed 1978-born rocked the stage like a teenage girl and sang hit after hit to an ecstatic crowd estimated at 6,000.


Neither the bad weather, characterised by a heavy downpour, nor the rumours, that had spread through Nairobi that the Tusker All Stars concert was headed for a flop, could gag her debut Kenyan bonanza.And by the end, her efforts won her praise and admiration arguably becoming the best female showbiz star to be witnessed in Kenya.”


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